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      Find out if you are eligible for any benefits at East Sussex County Council – Benefits.

      Register to extend your Child Benefit payments

      Are you aged 16 or 17 and have you recently left full-time education? If you are looking for work, education or training, your parent or carer can apply for a 20-week extension of child benefit payments. Just:

      The extension normally lasts up to 20 weeks and starts on the first Monday after you stop education or training that counted for Child Benefit.

      To find out more about Child Benefit, go to Gov.uk – Child Benefit.

      Jobseeker's Allowance for 16 and 17 year olds

      If you’re aged 16 or 17
      You can’t usually get income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance if you’re under 18. But if you’re 16 or 17, you may get Jobseeker’s Allowance for a short amount of time if you:
      • are forced to live away from your parents
      • have a partner and dependent children, or
      • will find it very hard to live without Jobseeker’s Allowance.

      You should contact Jobcentre Plus to see if you are eligible.
      You'll also need to register with the Connexions service by  emailing register.connexions@eastsussex.gov.uk
      - giving your name,date of birth and postcode

      Financial help for college and uni

      To find out more about financial help for college, go to Financial help for further education (FE).

      If you are going to uni, find out more about Financial help for higher education (HE).

      Help with travel costs

      Read more about Bus and train travel discounts

      Advice for young parents

      If you are a young parent, or you are going to have a baby, you are entitled to various forms of financial help. Find out more at I’m having a baby.

      Funding and grants

      If you would like some funding for a project in your local community, you can apply for a YouthBank grant. Read more at Grants for young people – YouthBank.

      Find out about other sources of funding at Funding for young people.

      Other money advice

      For tips on saving money and coping with debts, take a look at some of these websites:

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