• Financial help for higher education (HE)


      Going on to study at university or college is a great opportunity and money worries shouldn’t put you off. Find out what support you can get.

      The student money website Save the Student has published a free handbook to help with finance and money management. Check out the Essential Student Guide to Finance 2012.


      Student loans and grants

      If you are studying on a full-time course, the main sources of helpare student loans and grants from the government. You’ll be able to takeout two student loans per academic year, to cover your tuition fees andliving costs.

      To apply for a student loan, calculate how much financial help youcan get and all other enquiries contact Student Finance England:

      Gov.uk – Student Finance England

      Phone: 0845 300 5090

      Other forms of financial help

      Help from your university or college

      You might also be eligible for a bursary or scholarship from your university or college. Find out more at Gov.uk – Bursaries, scholarships and awards

      Help for parents

      If you are a parent, there is extra help available. Read more at Gov.uk – Student finance and loans, which includes information on Care to LearnChildcare grants and the Parents' Learning Allowance

      Help for students with a disability

      Gov.uk - Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA)

      Help available after starting your course

      If you have a low income and need extra help to carry on with your course, you can apply for an Access to Learning Fund. Find out more at Gov.uk – Access to Learning Fund.

      Other help available

      If you're training for medical, dentistry or healthcare you may get an NHS bursary.

      There is also a range of Grants and Bursaries for Adult Learners.