• Train discounts

    • Sussex Student Card

      The 2018/19 Sussex Student Card application form will be available in due course. Please check back at the end of June 2018

      Students using the train can get up to 1/3 off their season tickets (subject to a minimum monthly fare of £30.80). To get the discount, students will need a Sussex Student Card. It’s free apart from you’ll need to send a recent passport-style photo when you apply.
      The Sussex Student Card confirms that you:
      •    are a student of sixth form age in year 12 and above
      •    live in East Sussex, West Sussex or Brighton & Hove
      •    attend a maintained school with a sixth form, sixth form college, or college of further education

      Make sure you read the guidance notes on the form before posting your application. 

      Getting your rail season ticket 
      Once you have your Sussex Student Card, you can apply for a rail season ticket under the Sussex Further Education Season Ticket scheme and you must:
      •    include your Sussex Student Card's unique number as part of your application
      •    carry your card when using a rail season ticket purchased under the discount scheme.

      The discount is not available on tickets bought at railway stations

      If your card is lost or stolen 
      You will need to apply for a replacement Sussex Student Card if your card is lost or stolen, and provide a recent passport-style photo.