• Public transport routes and timetables


    Travelling by bus or train allows you to go where you like, when you like – without having to beg a lift!

    Travelling by bus

    How can I work out which bus to catch?

    There are a lot of buses which run throughout East Sussex. All of the bus routes and timetables in the county are shown on the East Sussex interactive bus map – Cartogold, or you can plan your journey at Traveline Southeast

    To work out which bus you need on Cartogold, you can enter your destination or simply look at the bus routes on the map. To use Traveline, just enter your starting point and destination.

    Bus companies in East Sussex

    Different bus companies run different routes in East Sussex. If you want to find out particular information about fares or timetables, visit the bus company website.

    Brighton and Hove buses

    Brighton and Hove buses also runs buses to Tunbridge Wells via Lewes, Uckfield and Crowborough, as well as the coastal route between Brighton and Eastbourne.


    Stagecoach runs most routes in Eastbourne and Hastings plus a coastal link between the towns. Also operates services from Eastbourne to Uckfield and to Tunbridge Wells, both via Heathfield.


    Renown runs services in Bexhill and some of the Rider buses which cover rural areas – great if you live out in the country.


    Metrobus operates routes in the North Wealden area connecting Uckfield, Haywards Heath and Tunbridge Wells to East Grinstead.


    Arriva runs a service between Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells.


    How much will a bus ticket cost?

    The price will depend on which bus company you are using, how far you are travelling and how old you are. Check with the bus company for more details.

    To find out about discounts you can get, go to Bus travel discounts

    Travelling by train

    Getting around East Sussex by train is quick and easy. There are regular services to Brighton, London and along the coast.

    Train routes

    Most trains in East Sussex are run by Southern. You can look up routes, timetables and more information on their website.

    Some other rail services are run by South Eastern trains.

    Plan a train journey

    To plan a journey outside of East Sussex and find out fares and times, go to the National Rail website.

    Travel discounts

    Visit Bus travel discounts to find out how to save money on bus services.

    Read the East Sussex County Council Transport statement 2015