• Help with transport to college if you are 16-19 or have a SEND


      Age 16-19 transport to college or sixth form

      Find out about sources of help with the journey to college or sixth form in East Sussex County Council’s Transport Statement 2020.

      Students with special educational needs and disabilities

      You may be able to get some support from East Sussex County Council if you meet the criteria for exceptional circumstances, although all families will be expected to make a contribution towards to the total cost of transport.

      For further information visit School travel and transport

      Disabled person's bus pass

      You can also apply for a concessionary bus pass as long as your disability meets the eligibility requirements.  This entitles you to free off peak travel throughout England.  It may not be suitable for school and college transport in the mornings as it cannot be used until after 9.30am Monday to Friday.   You may also qualify for a free companion bus pass if you need help to travel.

      For information on eligibility and how to apply please visit Applying for a disabled person's bus pass.