• East Sussex Young Inspectors


      Have you ever used a service and thought that you could improve it? Want to suggest ideas for change, but unsure of how to get your voice heard? Why not apply to become a young inspector and make a difference?

      Who are the Young Inspectors?

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      Young Inspectors are trained young people who carry out inspections of services providing a report of their findings along with recommendations on how the service is being delivered. Young Inspectors allows young people to get their views heard, to improve the services they use and support agencies, organisations and businesses in meeting the needs of young people.
      Initially facilitated by ESCC, The Young Inspectors programme is now being delivered by East Sussex Community Voice following consultation with young people. The Young Inspectors have completed a commission to inspect leisure activities for children and young people with disabilities or special needs in East Sussex as part of the i-go scheme.
      If you are between 13 and 25 and would like to get involved in this programme, please contact Helen Connor at Helen.connor@esv.org.uk or call 07909 253671. To find out more, visit the Young Inspectors website.