• Hate incident reporting


      A hate incident is any incident that seems to be motivated by prejudice or hate. This could be because of a person's race, sexuality, gender identity or disability. It can include criminal offences.

      If you think you have been the victim of a hate incident, you do not have to suffer in silence.

      How do I report a hate incident?

      The best way to report a hate incident is to contact Sussex Police or your local council:

      You can report something on behalf of another person, or as a witness to an incident. You can report something anonymously, and nothing will be done unless you want it to be.

      Don’t support it. Report it!

      Why is it important to report hate incidents?

      It’s really important that you report hate incidents or crimes so that we can work with you, and our partners, to try and solve the problem. It will also show us where the problem areas are and how to improve our services.