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Your rights
    • Your rights

    • People who support you should listen to you. They should listen to you if you are a child or an adult.

      If you are under 16, you can make some decisions yourself. 

      When you are 16 or older you can make more decisions for yourself. For example, you can say what college you want to go to, or you can complain or appeal.

      You have the right to information and support to help you decide what you want.

      If you cannot make a decision yourself, someone else can decide for you. They should still listen to you and do what is in your 'best interests'.

      If you need advice contact Amaze


      More information about rights- for young people and helpers

      Convention on the Human Rights of the Child (Unicef) - your right to express yourself and other rights (age 0 to 18)

      Gillick Competency and Fraser Guidelines (NSPCC) - your rights to make decisions (age 0 to 16)

      SEN and Disability Code of Practice ( - how schools, colleges and the Council should help you say what you want (age 0 to 25)

      Mental Capacity - Easy Read Guide (Department of Health) - A booklet for young adults about making decisions (18 plus)

      Get your Rights ( a website about your rights when using health services