• Children and young people who have a social worker

    • The information below is for children and young people who live in East Sussex and have a social worker working with them and their family.

      We want to hear your views so we can make sure you are getting what you need and we can get better at the way we do things.


      If you have a social worker then you can ask an advocate to help if you need support to get your point across, make sure your voice is heard in decisions about your life, or if you are unhappy about something related to your care or social worker.

      Making a comment or complaint

      You may have something good or bad you want to say about your social worker, and you have the right to make a comment, compliment or complaint about them, or another service you have had from East Sussex County Council.

      Looked After Children

      If you live with a foster carer or in a residential home here are some things you might find useful:

      Children and young people who live with their birth parents but have a social worker

      If you have a social worker working with you and your family but you live with your birth parents then you might find some of the things below useful.

      Every year, in October half term, the county council asks a group of children and young people who have a social worker working with them to come together and tell us what they think of their social worker, how they have helped them and what could have been done better.  You can see what children and young people said and what we have done about it in the 'You Said, We Did' report.