• I’m going to be a young dad

    • I’m going to be a young dad

      It can be a real shock to find out your girlfriend, or someone you’ve had sex with, is pregnant. You might feel happy or you might feel like you’re just not ready to be a dad.

      It’s best to talk to someone like a good mate or your parents. If you want some more advice you can also talk to a youth worker.

      She’s going to have an abortion

      If you girlfriend is thinking about having an abortion you might want to find out a bit more about what to expect, and to get some support:

      British Pregnancy Advice Service for men

      She’s going to keep the baby

      If you are going to become a dad you can find out more about the birth, how you can get involved and how to be a great dad for your baby. Read more on the Young Fathers website.

      If you aren’t together with the mother, you can find out how to apply to have contact with your child, and whether you are expected to pay maintenance, by contacting your Citizens Advice Bureau

      What does the law say?

      The age of consent is 16. However, the law is not there to prosecute you if you are under 16 and have had sex with a girl of similar age which you both agreed to.

      Find out more about your rights and responsibilities as a young dad:

      Young Fathers: the law


      Young dads with their babies