• I’m having a baby

    • I’m going to have a baby. What do I do first?

      The first thing you should do if you are pregnant and want to have the baby is see a doctor. They will confirm that you are pregnant and tell you when the baby is due. They will also arrange for you to see a midwife and to have a scan at the hospital. It is important for you and your baby that you go to any appointments arranged for you.

      Taking care of yourself

      How you treat your body during your pregnancy will have an effect on your baby. This includes what you eat and if you smoke or drink. If you need any support with this you can talk to your midwife or doctor. It is also best to check with the doctor or midwife before taking any medication.

      I’m at school – will I still have to go?

      You have to keep going to school until the normal leaving age, both during your pregnancy and after you give birth.

      Tell a senior teacher you are pregnant as soon as possible. This will remain private. They can help you with any problems and find ways to make your time at school easier.

      It may be possible to change or reduce your timetable as you get further into your pregnancy. You will probably get some home tuition or e-learning for the few weeks just before and just after the baby is born.

      You will be allowed to take time off for any medical appointments. If you miss more than a few days because you are ill due to your pregnancy, you need to get a note from the doctor or midwife.

      Will I get any financial help?

      Young mum with her baby visiting housing office


      You can claim different kinds of financial help, including child benefit, when your child is born.

      For more information, contact your local JobCentre Plus office.

      Or you can visit the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) website:

      CAB – advice for parents aged under 16

      CAB - for parents aged over 16

      Help with childcare

      To help you continue your education at school or college, you can claim a Care to Learn grant of up to £160 per week to help with childcare. Find out more and download a grant application at Gov.uk - Care to Learn

      I want help with my education or going back to work

      There are lots of different courses you can do that are just for young parents. Read more on advice for where young parents can go to for support.