• Sex and sexuality


      Growing up and entering the world of sex and relationships can seem confusing and worrying especially if you think you’re gay.

      Sexual health advice

      Whether you’re gay, hetrosexual or bisexual, you can get free sexual health advice at East Sussex Sexual health

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      You can also get help and advice from qualified sexual health workers at the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) youth groups in East Sussex.

      Prejudice and homophobia

      Schools, employers and organisations like Stonewall work hard to stamp out this kind of discrimination.

      If you are being bullied or know someone who is you should talk to someone at school or you can report homophobic bullying to Victim Support.

      Find out more about homophobic bullying.

      Meeting other people

      It can be very helpful to meet other people who understand any worries or difficulties you may be having. Of course that doesn’t mean you can only have gay or bisexual friends, or that your heterosexual friends won’t understand you.

      There are several groups in East Sussex run by qualified youth workers. These workers are happy to talk to parents too.

      Find your nearest LGBT youth group