• Find a place to live


      Moving out of home is a big step. It is expensive and it may take you a while to find somewhere.


      If you rent a room, flat or house you will pay rent to a private landlord or estate agent, usually a month in advance. You can find details of properties to rent at:

      Get help with renting from the Firm Foundations course

      If you live in Eastbourne or Hastings and are 18 or over, the Firm Foundations course can help:

      • increase your confidence and skills to deal with landlords,
      • show you where to look for accommodation
      • overcome problems like having no deposit or previous references.

      To find out more about Firm Foundations:

      Get help from East Sussex Home Works

      When you move into your new place, Home Works can help you settle in and learn how to manage things like paying for your gas and electricity. Find out more about Home Works at Southdown – Home Works

      Can I get housing benefit to cover my rent?

      If you are on housing benefit, you can claim benefits to cover the rent of a room in a shared house or flat until you are 35.

      You cannot claim housing benefit to cover the cost of a one bedroom rented flat

      • you are a care leaver age up to 21
      • you are living as a couple
      • you are severely disabled, or
      • you are responsible for a child .

      The amount of housing benefit you are entitled to changes each month depending on average rental prices. For more advice, contact your local housing team

      You can also use the Local Housing Allowance tool at Direct Gov

      Universal Credit will replace Housing Benefit from October 2013.

      Social or ‘council’ housing

      Social housing, often known as ‘council’ housing, is housing that is affordable to people on low incomes. It is provided by councils and not-for-profit organisations such as housing associations.

      The waiting time for social housing varies across East Sussex. It will also depend on your situation - you will be put in band A, B, C or D - and the length of time you have been registered. Realistically you could wait quite a while. For example, the average waiting time for someone in Band C waiting for a one bedroom flat in Hastings is 16 months. For accurate waiting times and to register for social housing, contact your local housing team

      Buying a flat or house

      If you are thinking about buying a property, you will need to discuss your options and how you will meet the repayments on any mortgage with your bank, financial adviser or estate agent.