• Get help with drug or alcohol problems

    • I want to talk to someone about drugs or alcohol

      If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and would like some help you can get in touch with the Under 19s Substance Misuse Service (U19s SMS). You can also contact us if you are worried about a friend or someone in your family. We will explain our confidentiality policy to you over the phone or when we meet up so you always know where you stand.

      How can the U19s SMS help me?

      We can give you information, advice and support about drugs and alcohol. For example, we can tell you about:

      • drugs, alcohol and the law
      • the effects different drugs and alcohol have on your mind and body
      • how we can help if drinking or drugs are affecting your life – like causing rows at home or getting you into trouble.

      So what will happen if I get in touch with the U19s SMS?

      • The first thing we will do is take your number and phone or text you to arrange to meet up.
      • Then we'll meet and work out how problems with alcohol or drugs are affecting your life.
      • Finally we'll draw up a plan together on how to support you. You might need help with more than just your drug or alcohol use – we can also support you with things like school or college, your job, home life or relationships.

      Contact the U19s SMS

      Phone: 01323 464404, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.

      Email: Under19'sSMSDuty@eastsussex.gov.uk

      You can always get someone else to contact us for you, like a parent or youth worker.

      Where can we meet?

      You can choose a place and time that suits you best. We can meet in a café, at your school or home. We can even come and pick you up if you want.