• Participation

    • To help shape the Through Care Service, we are keen to develop what we do and how we support you with your help. Your involvement is key in helping to shape the service so we can always improve and hear directly from the people we support!

      At the moment, we are in the process of creating a participation group for this to happen more regularly. The participation group is designed for young people to come together with other young people who are supported by the service. To have fun, talk about issues that affect you and how you feel about the service they get, and come up with ideas to improve this.

      But you can also take the lead and approach us if you want to be involved in creating something, or have any ideas to develop the service.

      In East Sussex, the Childrens In Care Council (CICC) is a group of younger children in care who do this regularly. You may have been involved in this group when you were younger.
      Other things we do with you –

      • We have a Christmas meal and party every year (with food, presents and games!)
      • In the summer we like to have a picnic or go bowling
      • When we have interviews for new workers, there is a young people’s panel so you can help us decide who we eventually hire.
      • Sometimes we have the opportunity to take some young people on a trip to parliament to support you in letting the government know your experiences of being in care and what your ideas are on how to improve this.
      • Young people’s benchmarking forum.

      We are open to new ideas and new activities that we might do together though, so let us know if you’ve got some ideas!