• Independence

    • Independence is a word you will probably hear talked about a lot. It can mean a lot of things, like living on your own, being more responsible, developing your financial budgeting skills. This is a gradual process and you will be supported to develop these skills, as you grow older. You should be supported by your carer or through your supported accommodation provider to develop these skills. This is sometimes done through something called ‘pathways’ or ‘passport to independence’.

      You may think you’re ready for ‘independence’ sooner than your worker. It’s important to be patient, as we want to make sure that you are ready for this before making any changes. Moving out can be different to what you are expecting. It can also be lonely.. Have a look at this video which helps explain what we mean:

      The things that you will need for successful and less stressful steps towards independence include various life skills, such as:

      • Personal care
      • Healthy eating
      • Cooking
      • Cleaning
      • Shopping
      • Budgeting your money
      • Making and attending appointments


      Setting up a flat

      Moving to your own home is also part of independence. It should be a planned move, as it requires lots of organising and having help with this makes it easier to manage. Your Personal Advisor is there to help you with this.

      You may need support at first with:

      · Arranging how rent, council tax, gas, electric, water and a TV Licence will be paid

      · Buying white goods (washing machine, fridge and freezer)

      · Paying your deposit and first month’s rent in advance, before moving in.

      · Filling out forms and paperwork

      · You may need to claim benefits to help with rent and council tax payments. Even if you are on JSA or other benefits, rent does not automatically get paid unless you apply for Housing benefit or Council Tax benefit