• Access to records

    • If you were in care or you were looked after, you have a legal right to see information that was recorded about you and your life before/after you came into care.  If you would like to, this is something you can request after you turn 18.

      Some young people we work with may never wish to see this information but some have requested this for lots of different reasons.

      Requesting information about your history can be done in lots of different ways – you may have questions about specific information or a specific time or event. Another way of finding out more about your history can also be done by meeting with a worker to go through some of this, or to revisit and build on life story work you may have done when you were younger.

      Accessing your files can be scary, exciting, thrilling and nerve-wracking. It can be shocking, or simply satisfy your curiosity. For many, it is a very positive experience but we would like to support you as much as we can through this process to make sure the experience is as valuable as possible and that you have someone that can help you work through some of the feelings that it may bring up for you.

      If this is something you are thinking about, or would like to formally request, then let your worker know and they will support you to do this.

      Other people’s stories

      It might be helpful to hear about other people’s experiences of accessing their records before you decide whether this is something you want to do. On the care leavers website, which is run by care leavers, some people have shared their experiences of doing this. 

      Download the guide