• Starting work or training

    • From 2013, all young people will have to stay in education, training or employment with training until they are 17. You'll get the chance to work and earn while you're learning.

      Take a look at the What next? Your choices at 16 page to help you decide what option's best for you.

      Know your rights

      Even though you have a sensory impairment, you can still access most work and training.Barriers can usually be overcome.

      More help and advice

      Access to Work: an Access to Work grant is money to help you find work or stay in a job. It’s for people with a disability, health or mental health condition.

      Financial help if you're disabled


      How to prepare for an interview:

      • Think about how and when you feel it is the right time to talk about your impairment.
      • Practise explaining your impairment and the implications it may have in the work place.
      • Read up on ‘access to work’ and how it will support you and your employer.
      • Ask a friend or family member to help you find an appropriate outfit.
      • Have some examples of times when you’ve shown initiative and good practice.
      • Think about your body language. Practise making good eye contact and looking confident.
      • Phone the interviewer in advance to check if they have any resources that may need adapting.
      • Decide how you are going to get to the interview. Check bus times, train routes etc. You may also need to find out what the access to the building is like.

      What to ask in an interview

      Think of some questions you could ask. You might include:

      • Have you employed someone with a similar disability before? or
      • Have you any concerns about my disability?

      Questions often asked in an interview

      • Tell me a bit about yourself
      • Can you list your three main strengths?
      • What interests you most about this job?
      • Give me an example where you have worked well in a team
      • Describe a difficult situation you have faced that you have overcome.
      • Why are you leaving your previous job?
      • Give me an example of how you have worked well under pressure.
      • What do you feel you can bring to this company?

      More help and advice

      Further information

      These pages have been written by the Sensory Needs Service(SNS). We can give advice on most sensory needs issues.

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      Email: scsn@eastsussex.gov.uk
      Phone: 01273 481154