• Starting Higher Education


      There is a huge variety of courses available at colleges and universities, and the best place to start is probably the UCAS site, where you can search for courses and even apply online.

      You may also want to consider whether you want to study locally or move further away, and it's important to think about what it will all cost. It may also be that some universities are known to be good with hearing impaired (HI) or visually impaired (VI) students.

      What to ask

      If you do visit a university, or get an interview, here are some questions you might like to ask:

      • Ask other students, especially those with a similar disability, about life at university.
      • Is there a disability coordinator I could speak to at open day or interview (it's unusually possible to arrange a visit before you apply to university or college)?
      • Have there been HI / VI students on this course before, and if so, could you meet them?
      • Could I have my interview in a quiet room where the sound doesn't echo?
      • If there are lectures, how do I get a note taker?
      • Could I use a sign language interpreter when necessary?
      • Can I use a conference microphone in seminars?
      • Are staff comfortable with using radio transmitters?
      • Could staff be given training from a teacher of the deaf?
      • Would staff be willing to provide lecture notes either before or after lectures? (explain the problem of watching and note-taking at the same time)
      • If a PowerPoint is used, would I be able to get a copy beforehand?
      • When TV or film presentations are given without subtitles, would I be able to get a written summary of the main points to look out for?
      • If there are exams, could I have access arrangements (e.g. modified paper, sign language interpreter)
      • If I live on campus, could a flashing light fire alarm be fitted?
      • Would I be allowed to live on campus for more than one year?

      Applying to university


      Disability Rights UK

      Local university contacts

      University of Brighton
      Disability and Dyslexia Team: disability@brighton.ac.uk

      University of Sussex
      Questions on disability support to: studentsupport@sussex.ac.uk

      Further information

      These pages have been written by the Sensory Needs Service (SNS). We can give advice on most sensory needs issues.

      Contact us

      Email: scsn@eastsussex.gov.uk
      Phone: 01273 481154