• Staying on in education, training or employment


    Did you know the law now says that from September 2015 all young people will have to stay on in education, training or employment with training until they are 18 years old? So if you are about to finish Year 12 this applies to you.

    These changes will open up a lot of new opportunities for you and will help ensure that you gain the right skills and experience for your future.

    So what are my options?

    There are 3 main things you can choose between:

    • continuing to study under the Study Programme: either A Levels or equivalent, or a mixed programme which could include some form of workplace experience

    • starting an Apprenticeship

    • full-time work or volunteering combined with part-time education or training

    Continuing to study under the Study Programme

    This could be A Levels or other further education courses, and it could mean staying at the same school or academy if it offers post-16 education, or moving to another school, academy, college or training provider.

    If you are not yet sure about continuing in full-time studying or going for an Apprenticeship, the Study Programme may offer other ways for you to move forward. If you are 16 or 17, you could have a mixed programme with at least one significant qualification, an internship, traineeship or other sort of workplace experience, continued study of English and maths towards a good GCSE grade, and study skills and other development opportunities. We have an online course finder where you can search and apply for courses.

    Starting an Apprenticeship

    Apprenticeships give you the chance to train for an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) while earning a wage and learning the skills for a particular type of job. The training part of an Apprenticeship means that you would be continuing in learning which is the idea behind RPA. And we currently have a campaign to promote apprenticeships to young people and employers across East Sussex – You’re Hired.

    If you are 16-18 and want help applying for an apprenticeship contact:

    YES Youth Employability Service on 01323 410803 or 01424 722045 - or message us at facebook.com/YESEastSussex

    Find out more about apprenticeships

    Full-time work or volunteering combined with part-time education or training

    RPA still means you can choose to get a job or do volunteering if you decide that is the best option for you. “Full-time” means for 20 or more hours each week. But you would have to continue in “accredited learning” alongside your employment or volunteering — this could be in work-based learning or by attending college as well as going to work. The training needs to be for at least 280 hours over a whole year. This is equivalent to about a day each week but it can be arranged flexibly to suit you and your employer or the place where you are volunteering.

    Interested in being self-employed? You can do this but the requirement to continue doing learning alongside employment will still apply.

    If you want somewhere else to go for impartial advice, you can contact the National Careers Service website, or by phoning their helpline on 0800 100 900 — it’s open between 8am and 10pm every day of the week.