• Applying for a job – our top ten tips


      Applying for a job can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven’t done it before. Here are our top ten tips to help you get started.


      1. Check your online image

      Make sure your email address is sensible, keep your ‘fun’ facebook pictures secure so employers can’t see and check your twitter feed. Are you sending the right image to employers?

      2. Research the company

      Find out about the company you are applying for a job with. Google them or phone them for more information. This will help you when you write about why you are suited to the position and will also help you to talk about the job at an interview.

      3. Use 'action words'

      On your application form, use action words like ‘achieved’, ‘organised’, ‘designed’ and ‘prepared’.

      4. Be positive

      Be positive. For example, instead of saying you were bored with your last job, say that you were looking for a new challenge.

      5. Get your application in on time

      Make sure you return your application form before the closing date. It might sound obvious but if you don’t get it back in time, you definitely won’t get that job.

      6. Think of interview questions

      Think of example questions you might be asked at interview. These are likely to be about your communication skills, team-working, knowledge of the organisation and job, confidence and ability to take responsibility.

      7. Take your application to interview

      On the day of the interview take along a copy of your application, your CV, a pen, your invitation letter and anything else the employer has asked you for. Keep them in a neat folder or case.

      8. Fill in the gaps at interview

      At the interview, if the interviewer misses a subject that you feel is important and highlights your skills, you can introduce it yourself. You could say something like ‘May I just mention something else…?’

      9. Smile and give a good handshake

      Make sure you smile, give eye contact and a firm hand shake will show you are confident. Frist impressions count!.

      10. Ask for feedback

      If you don’t get offered a job after an interview, phone or email and ask for feedback. This will help you for next time and shows a willingness to improve yourself. You never know when you might be applying to the same company again.